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Menu Plan Your Butt Off {September 7, 2014}

Hello wonderful people! Thanks for stopping by for yet another edition of Menu Plan Your Butt Off, our weekly FREE menu plan (healthy menu plan, at that), with a printable grocery list! This week’s menu plan is full of things I love. Veggies, a warming soup,  a healthed-up version of sloppy joes, a lovely slow… 

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pumpkin cheesecake smoothie (1)

Pumpkin Cheesecake Smoothie

Not only is pumpkin the belle of the ball (hay ride?) this time of year, it’s also a nutritional powerhouse, providing a healthy dose of vitamins A and K, potassium, magnesium, fiber and even a little protein. So instead of stopping for a pumpkin spice latte for breakfast, take a few minutes and whip up… 

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Menu Plan Your Butt Off, Soup's-On

Soup’s On! MPYBO {9.14.14}

A cold-front blew through Texas, and much of the country, this week, and all I can think about now is FALL. And fall foods, like chowders, stews, chilis, and hearty stick-to-your-ribs SOUPS! So this week we’re featuring a soup menu plan your butt off is all about hearty and warm. Now don’t click away just yet. We’re not… 

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sage & pumpkin soup

Lemon Scented Sage & Pumpkin Soup

With the changing of the leaves and the cooler weather the menu around here slowly switches from outdoor grilling to soup making.  Pumpkins begin to appear in gardens and farmer’s markets and are a perfect ingredient for this Lemon Scented Pumpkin Soup.  You can easily use butternut squash if you can’t find baking pumpkins, they… 

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loaded burger lettuce wraps

Loaded Burger Lettuce Wraps

Though I adore bread, I try to avoid it in general. The last few months, I’ve been almost exclusively gluten free – not for allergy reasons, but because I just tend to feel better overall. Usually, I don’t miss it too much, except when I smell fresh french loaves at the grocery store – or… 

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Zaycon Chicken: A Fresh and Delicious Value! (sponsored)

  All the time I’m asked about food budgeting. ALL THE TIME. How do you eat healthfully on a budget? Where do you find good deals? How do you walk the line between well-sourced food versus not breaking the bank? I’ll let you in on a little secret: Zaycon Foods. I heard about Zaycon from… 

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sesame sweets and beets

Sesame Beets and Sweets

A recent trip to the farmer’s market yielded a bunch of beautiful little beets, already trimmed. OK, that’s half the battle. The messier half is peeling those little suckers. My kitchen looks like a slaughterhouse after I get done peeling a batch of beets but it’s totally worth it. I love the combination of beets… 

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