Whole Wheat Lemon and Greek Yogurt Loaf


This lemon and Greek yogurt bread is so lemony delicious. You should go and make it right now. Really. I’m not going to waste anymore of your time telling you how amazing and moist and healthy it is! Go, go now. You can come back and thank me later. PrintWhole Grain Lemon Loaf Rating: 51… 

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Twenty One (Awesome) Cookout Recipes!


This was originally published last year – but it’s definitely worth a second look! So many perfectly healthy and delicious recipes for your July 4th cookout, right here! Click on the photos for the recipes! ************ Happy Independence Day, everyone! We hope you’re having a lovely day with family and friends, enjoying good company and… 

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Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait

strawberry rhubarb parfait.jpg

We are having a banner year with huge crops of large, sweet and delicious strawberries! Eating them fresh, freezing them and trying other ways to preserve them brought me to this pretty little parfait. I still have rhubarb in the garden along with all the strawberries, so this is a nice sauce/syrup combination that can… 

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Pineapple-Mango Yogurt Pops

Pineapple-Mango Yogurt Pops from Shrinking Kitchen

We live in the country. Like way, way out in the country. The closest Walmart is 74 miles away if that tells you anything! About the only problem we have with being so far out is we never, ever get to buy ice cream (which, if we’re being completely honest isn’t all bad for me!)…. 

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Raspberry, Rhubarb & Lime Sorbet


I was working in my garden this weekend and discovered that the rhubarb was ripe and ready to harvest. We are having some unusually warm, late Spring weather here in the Northwest which inspired me to create a Sorbet. I wanted to make something light and refreshing with a bit of the rhubarb tang! There… 

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Southern ‘Fried’ Hand Pies


Have you ever had a real fried pie? No, not one of those posers from McDs, and it’s definitely not a turnover. Hand pies are little fruit pies that fit in your hand – perfectly portable and totally delectable, with a real pie crust. But they’re totally deep fried and laden with calories and fat…. 

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Super Simple Strawberry Banana Sorbet

strawberry banana

This is maybe the simplest recipe I’ve ever posted. Sometimes, simple food is the best food. This strawberry banana sorbet comes together quickly and completely satisfies the most unrelenting sweet tooth. Trust me. My sweet tooth is ridiculous. I’m convinced it literally has a voice, a very soothing and persuasive voice. It sounds like Antonio… 

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Chocolate Heaven: 7 Of Our Best Desserts

chocolate heaven

  Who loves chocolate? Okay. Better question. Who doesn’t? I know there are some of you out there. But for the rest of us, today’s post is all about our best choco-licious desserts. They are absolutely delicious and better for you than their traditional, full sugar and fat counterparts. Yes – you CAN live a… 

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Almond Butter & Chocolate Granola Bars


In the past, I’ve bought granola bars only to get them home, try them and think ‘I can do better.’ Most store bought granola bars are packed with high fructose corn syrup, loads of preservatives and a bunch of stuff I can’t even pronounce. I found lots of recipes online that used butter and I… 

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