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The Tasty Pinterest Roundup: Cookie Exchange

[ 0 ] December 5, 2012 |

tasty pinterest roundup: healthy holiday baking #healthy #recipes @shrinkingkitchn

Have you been invited to a cookie exchange party yet this year? I have. Three of them. Gah. Who came up with cookie exchanges anyway? Why would I want to go to a party and come home with 12 dozen cookies? What am I going to do with 12 dozen cookies? Eat them, and gain 487 pounds, that’s what!

So I’ve decided to seek out the healthier side of Christmas baking. To find things that are tasty and sweet and savory and homemade without all the fat and calories.

Feast your eyes! And I cannot type that without snickering like a 12 year-old boy. Have you seen Brave? It’s super-cute!

Source: via Eliza on Pinterest

Source: via Shrinking on Pinterest

Source: via Shrinking on Pinterest

Source: via Shrinking on Pinterest

Source: via Shrinking on Pinterest

If you’re looking for homemade ideas that aren’t necessarily baked goods, there are so many great ideas out there! Here are a few I came across on Pinterest.

Here’s an idea! Why don’t you host a Healthy Cookie Exchange Party? Shake things up this holiday season and give some homemade spice blends, too! It will make you feel all healthy and crafty and good!

What is your favorite holiday cookie?

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