The Hot Dish: August 17, 2013

the hot dish

How was your week? I’m incredibly relieved it is Saturday. I’ve been so busy and I’m hoping to just relax!

But who am I kidding? There’s canning to do, cleaning and kid wrangling. Not to mention the usual weekend birthday party (there are so many now that the kids are older!).

In today’s Hot Dish, I’ve got some comforting food, an amazing blogger, a super sweet kitchen shortcut and a great canning cookbook to share…hope you enjoy!

Food I’m Coveting

Caribbean Citrus Mahi Mahi with Brown Rice Noodles from Averie Cooks

Citrus, fish and noodles. Sounds amazing to me!

Pho Ga


Pho Ga from Steamy Kitchen

Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) is a favorite in our house. I need to learn how to make it myself!!

This Week’s Blog Crush

Andie Mitchell

Andie from Can You Stay For Dinner lost over 100 pounds seven years ago through healthy eating and exercise…and she’s kept it off. Her recipes, as well as her stories, are inspired!


Sweet Kitchen Find


I didn’t even know a julienne peeler existed till last week. I need this! I’ve wasted WAY too much time julienning with a knife!

What’s on My Nightstand

We’ve been talking canning and preserving around here recently, and the Ball Blue Book is most definitely one of the most helpful guides if you’re new to canning. Lots of tips, step by step recipes…the works.

Cooking Tip of the Week

This is one of my favorites…and it’s simple, really. If you are entertaining, do as much of the prep the night before as possible. Chop and prep veggies. If you’re serving salads, make them the night before and just hold off on the dressing. Marinade meat. ¬†Getting prep work done the night before will make the day of SO much easier. I promise.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s Hot Dish! If there’s anything you think I need to know about, speak up! Leave me a note in the comments or shoot me an email at heather at shrinkingjeans dot net.



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