Black Bean & Quinoa Sliders

black bean & quinoa sliders

Do you ever walk through a Farmer’s Market and check out the food booths?  It’s one of my favorite things to do besides shopping for fresh produce!  It has been five years ago or more since I tried a black bean burger at one of these food booths. (Of course, I can’t remember which market!)… 

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Menu Plan Your Butt Off {December 14, 2014}

mpybo 12.14

ELEVEN more days until Christmas. There, I said it! Now make peace with it, take a deep breath, and remember: You can pull this off…..and eat healthy everyday. Just follow this fabulous Menu Plan Your Butt Off we’ve put together for you, and your family will eat yummy, delicious foods everyday, and you won’t even have to… 

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Holiday Harvest Salad

holiday harvest salad

Sure, you know what to do with leftover turkey but what can you do with cranberry sauce? This Holiday Harvest Salad! I used a dollop of my Orange Ginger Cranberry Relish, added some pecans for crunch, dried cranberries for sweetness and a splash of a lowfat lime dressing that works well with sweet and savory… 

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Menu Plan Your Butt Off {November 30, 2014}

mpybo 11.30

It’s Sunday afternoon – are you trying to menu plan for the upcoming week? Well, stop! Because we’ve got an amazing menu plan right here, complete with a printable grocery list! This is Menu Plan Your Butt Off…and we do it every week! Print out the grocery list down below, stock up your fridge and… 

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Orange Ginger Cranberry Relish

raw cranberry relish

  This recipe is so easy and so good. All you need is a food processor or a Ninja-type blender. There’s no stirring, no cooking and very little sugar in this cranberry relish. (It’s a sauce if you cook it; a relish if you’re just mixing things together.) The flavors are really intense — tart… 

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Pork & Bread Dressing


Most people call it stuffing, I call it dressing.  At least that’s how I grew up.  With Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this tasty side dish.  Do you stuff it in a turkey and bake it all together or do you put it in a baking… 

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Menu Plan Your Butt Off {November 23, 2014}

mpybo 11.23

Hello friends! Welcome to this weeks edition of Menu Plan Your Butt Off! If you’re new to Shrinking Kitchen, check it out: we’ve got an entire week’s worth of healthy dinners PLUS a printable grocery list.  All for free. Every single week! This week is all about comfort and ease. And for those of us in… 

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