The Hot Dish: July 13, 2013


Woooo! I’m so excited about this week’s Hot Dish! Why? It’s a surprise. You’ll need to read to the end…but no cheating! You don’t want to miss all the awesomeness in between! I won’t keep you waiting…dive right in! Food I’m Coveting Chili Lime Shrimp Bowl: Holy guacamole (as my five year old is fond… 

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The Skinny on Bountiful Baskets

The skinny on Bountiful Baskets #healthy #nutrition #eatyourfruitsandveggies #food #co-op

The cost of fresh produce is ever-rising, which makes it hard to focus on healthy eating on a daily basis. Why shell out mega-bucks for an organic head of broccoli, if you can buy 3 packs of Ramen noodles for 99 cents?  This is where Bountiful Baskets comes into play… quality fruits and vegetables at… 

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The Shrinking Kitchen Gift Guide: Fantastic Finds For Your Fave Foodie

gift guide

It’s the last day of November. Have you started Holiday shopping yet? I have…kind of. But a lot of times I end up cruising around the Internets drooling over things for me. And making my wishlist on Amazon. Don’t judge. Especially because my list has evolved into THIS LIST, which will take all the guesswork… 

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2012 Ultimate Healthy Living Gift Guide


Christmas is right around the corner and this year, The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans and Shrinking Kitchen are going to make your holiday shopping easy and stress-free. We have compiled a guide of some of our most-favorite health, fitness, and cooking-related products, sure to be a hit with your health-minded friends and family. Or… 

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