Menu Plan Your Butt Off {February 12}

Menu Plan Your Butt Off - Amazing, Healthy Meals for Every Day of the Week + Grocery List!Feeling a little bored with your cooking line-up? Do you leave your planning until the last possible minute, then wind up making not-so-healthy meals or turn to processed foods? Never fear. The Shrinking Kitchen is here to help! We take the panic out of the kitchen! Menu Plan Your Butt Off is a weekly {healthy!} menu-planning feature brought to you each and every Sunday! We even include a grocery list! You can follow our menu for the week, or write your own and leave a link so other people can explore your healthy recipes!

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MONDAY:  Baked White Fish with Pine Nut, Parmesan, and Basil Pesto Crust. I found this one on Pinterest and cannot.wait. to try it!

TUESDAY:  Quick and Easy Taco Soup {under 30 minutes}! Tuesdays are crazy for us… cheer, choir, dance. We need something that is super-fast, as well as delicious -this is my recipe that never fails me.

WEDNESDAY: Chicken and Vegetable Quinoa Stir-Fry. Apparently, I’m on a quinoa-kick lately!

THURSDAY: Gingered Beef and Vegetables in a slow-cooker. Serve with brown rice!

FRIDAY:  Pizza and Movie Night!

SATURDAY: Skinny Enchiladas. Only 150 each! Wow!

SUNDAY: White Bean & Poblano Chicken Chili. Sunday is our lazy day. We may or may not stay in pajamas all day. Don’t judge. Chili is the perfect low-key meal.

SNACKS: 90-calorie Snickerdoodles,  Baked Apple Chips, Frogs on a Log

Find the printable grocery list down below! How easy is that?

Do you have your own menu plan for the week? Want to share it with us? Grab one of these fresh, hot badges, throw it in your menu-plan post, and leave the permalink down below!


find more menu plans here!

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  • Kalyn Denny

    Looks like a great plan; thanks for featuring my fish recipe!

    • LissaJoy

       I’m excited to try it! Thanks, Kalyn!

  • Janell

    I loved your recipes last week!  Thanks for doing this!

  • courtney

    is there anything that would you recommend for a substitute for chicken?

    • LissaJoy

       do you eat meat at all? i personally like mushrooms in place of chicken!!

  • Fiona

    This is such an awesome idea – but would you be wiling to do a vegan or vegetarian version??

    • Christy_TheSistherhood

      We actually have a good friend who’s going to put together a plant-based menu plan for us soon!

  • Annalisa Spencer

    I LOVED the gingered beef with veggies. Yum! I added it to my permanent recipe file & I will definitely make it again!

  • Aimeeatala

    You are a life saver! I saw the first weeks on pinterest and thouguht I’d give it a try. After 5 months of using my baby as an excuse to not cook,grocery shop, or eat healthy, I’ve finally gotten back into my good habit of cooking healthy for the family! It’s all thanks to you doing the work of planning and grocery list writing. Thanks so much! Looking forward to all the rest!

  • Tabitha

    This is amazing. As I am transitioning into adulthood, this is a lifesaver. THANK YOU!

  • Cristolsmyth

    This is a fantastic idea!  Our family is vegan though.  Is there an option to choose vegan menus?

  • Kerry Clem

    Wait, you’re offering this for free??? Thank you!  You have just saved me!!!

  • Jeannine Brooks

    Just discovered this site! Wow, I will def be visiting this frequentlly :)

  • Joy Bailey

    Do you have another link for the skinny enchiladas? This one won’t seem to work for me….I’m crazy about Mexican food so when I saw this I got really really excited! MUST try it!!!

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