Spicy Green Chile Chicken Casserole

green chile chicken

I grew up eating casseroles at home, family reunions and potluck dinners, but growing up in Texas meant one very special casserole…King Ranch Casserole. Despite the name, the casserole didn’t come from the King Ranch in South Texas but rather a Junior League recipe that really caught on. My mom usually made this dish for… 

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Foil Pack Rosemary Chicken

foil pack rosemary chicken

As the summer starts to wind down, fall is just around the corner.  That means less barbequing and more time in the kitchen with the oven and Crock Pots.  That also means kids are going back to school and time is precious between getting home and bed time.  Learning to balance your time in the… 

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Tangy Chicken Salad

tangy chicken salad

Around the time I discovered the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans group, I was just beginning to branch out with my culinary desires.  I hated learning to cook growing up and I had 3 male roommates for several years during the “college” age.  Once I started to realize how much I enjoyed my time in… 

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Chicken and Dumplings

chicken and dumplings

Growing up, I had the good fortune to have a mother that liked to try all kinds of different dishes.  There was no boring repeated spaghetti night or casserole night (at least not that I remember).  The only constant was leftovers-Sunday.  Occasionally my mom would ask my siblings and me what we would want for… 

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Sausage Paprika Skillet

sausage-paprika skillet

Ever get stuck in a hotel room for the day nursing a case of altitude sickness? No? Just me? This recipe came about after this Floridian flew from sea level to Denver and drove up to 8,000 feet in the span of 24 hours. Apparently you’re not supposed to do that because some people (me)… 

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