I Made Salad in a Jar – and a Ball Jar Giveaway!

jar salad 1

If you’ve been on Pinterest, ever, you’ve seen salad in a jar. I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but like many things I’ve Pinned, that particular Pin has languished on a board for months and months. Then, a few weeks ago, Ball Canning asked me to try out their gorgeous green Heritage Collection… 

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The Hot Dish: July 13, 2013


Woooo! I’m so excited about this week’s Hot Dish! Why? It’s a surprise. You’ll need to read to the end…but no cheating! You don’t want to miss all the awesomeness in between! I won’t keep you waiting…dive right in! Food I’m Coveting Chili Lime Shrimp Bowl: Holy guacamole (as my five year old is fond… 

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Summer Drinks with Smirnoff Sorbet!

drink collage

Summer is finally here and it’s cocktail time! The Fourth of July is right around the corner and you’ll be wanting a nice cool drink to sip while you watch the fireworks…am I right? Today, I’ve got TWO great cocktails that won’t blow your diet, thanks to Smirnoff.  The lovely people at Smirnoff were kind of… 

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Lose Weight, Do Good!

lose weight, do good!

You’re thirsty. You walk to the kitchen, turn on the faucet, and fill a cup with cold, refreshing water. Or maybe you grab a bottle of water out of the fridge as you run out the door to pick up the kids from soccer. What if you couldn’t? What if you had to drink water… 

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The Skinny on Bountiful Baskets

The skinny on Bountiful Baskets #healthy #nutrition #eatyourfruitsandveggies #food #co-op

The cost of fresh produce is ever-rising, which makes it hard to focus on healthy eating on a daily basis. Why shell out mega-bucks for an organic head of broccoli, if you can buy 3 packs of Ramen noodles for 99 cents?  This is where Bountiful Baskets comes into play… quality fruits and vegetables at… 

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Cookiversary Week Three: Winner and New Contest!


It’s week three of our Cookiversary month, and it’s time for another giveaway. Well, not actually a giveaway – a contest. But first, we have a winner to announce – the winner of the Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender is (drumroll please) #24, Ellen W. Please contact me at heather@shrinkingjeans.net to claim your prize! Now, you… 

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Cookiversary, Week Two: A Winner and Another Giveaway


  Thanks to you all for all your wonderful comments on last week’s Cookiversary giveaway post! I’m pleased to announce that #35-  Ann G. –  is the winner of a Misto and Microplane grater! Congratulations and please contact me at heather@shrinkingjeans.net with your snail mail info! This week’s Cookiversary giveaway is another one of our favorites…a Cuisinart SmartStick Hand… 

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We’re One! Happy Cookiversary to Us!

Shrinking Kitchen Cookiversary2-01

  Here comes a sappy post full of cliches. You’ve been warned. But you should also know we’re giving stuff away. You might want to suffer through. Ahem. I can’t believe Shrinking Kitchen is a year old! My wee babe is a toddler. It’s been such a whirlwind of a year, so much growth. So… 

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