Friday Favorites {Healthy Cooking Tips and Baking Substitutions}

Friday Favorites-Handy Kitchen Tips

Welcome to another addition of Friday Favorites featuring healthy cooking tips and baking substitutions.

Here in the Shrinking Kitchen, we ladies have all kinds of favorites- favorite cookbook, cooking gadgets, cooking tips, organizational tips, magazines, food blogs, appliances, recipes, you get the idea…

We figured it would be fun to share with you our favorites and in turn, you could share with US one of YOUR favorites. We are always open to learning and trying new things.

This week I am sharing some of my favorite pins from the past week!

I found this great baking substitutions graphic from Picklee. I am a HUGE fan of graphic depictions of anything cooking related, plus this is full of really healthy subs for some not-so-healthy stuff!
Baking Substitutions


This spice chart from Adventures in Spice is another handy thing to keep on hand in the kitchen! I know that I often buy a jar of spice for a recipe, and then never use it again. This way, I can confidently use that spice again!


Spice Chart


Another great resource is our Common Food Weights chart! I know I use it all the time!

Below is the Conversion Chart that we put together here at Shrinking Kitchen. I printed it out and hung it inside one of my kitchen cabinets!

Conversion Chart Screen Shot

Click for a printable PDF!

And finally, our printable Cooking Dictionary (Common Cooking Terms) is a must have. I mean, I never knew what parboiling was until now! It’s also printable.

Share some of your favorite cooking resources, and be sure to pin ours for later reference!

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  • ccleahy

    You’re awesome!!!! Thank you for all the great¬†recipes, printables, menus, and everything!!! You’re work is soooo appreciated it! My husband and I are struggling to loose weight and I’m going to try your menu for a week and see how we do. You should have the Shrinking Kitchen Challenge…or maybe you already do….


  • Alexia Corbett

    this is great – on the baking substitutions are they 1 to 1? so 1tbs butter = 1tbs applesauce?

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