I Made Salad in a Jar – and a Ball Jar Giveaway!

jar salad 1

If you’ve been on Pinterest, ever, you’ve seen salad in a jar. I’ve always wanted to give it a try, but like many things I’ve Pinned, that particular Pin has languished on a board for months and months. Then, a few weeks ago, Ball Canning asked me to try out their gorgeous green Heritage Collection… 

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Grilled Steak Salad with Corn & Avocado {Sous Vide}

steak salad 2

Steak salads are kind of genius. It’s a salad, so it’s on the lighter side, but the steak makes you feel like you’re having a real meal. And steak doesn’t have to be bad for you…it’s all about moderation and the cut you choose. For this grilled steak salad, I used top sirloin, and I… 

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Summer Drinks with Smirnoff Sorbet!

drink collage

Summer is finally here and it’s cocktail time! The Fourth of July is right around the corner and you’ll be wanting a nice cool drink to sip while you watch the fireworks…am I right? Today, I’ve got TWO great cocktails that won’t blow your diet, thanks to Smirnoff.  The lovely people at Smirnoff were kind of… 

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Strawberry Grapefruit Compote {Sous Vide}

strawberry grapefruit

Last week the kids and I were visiting my mom and we decided to go strawberry picking. It’s the peak of the season and I wanted a bunch to make jam. We definitely got a bunch. About 30 pounds, to be exact. And that doesn’t include the amount ingested by my children, who probably should… 

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My Mom – She Really Knows Best! {Nestlé® Pure Life® Sponsored Post}


***** I’ve always loved to cook. Some of my earliest memories are in kitchen. Some supervised – some not, like the time I tried to make chocolate milk out of chocolate chips and water. And the time I melted the honey bear in the microwave. What? I was five! So much of how I cook,… 

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