Kale with Caramelized Meyer Lemons

kale with caramelized meyer lemons

Meyer lemons are not like your garden-variety lemon. Thinner-skinned and super juicy, they’re thought to be a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange, so the flesh is a lot sweeter. I picked up a bag from Trader Joe’s and wanted to take full advantage of their awesomeness — skin and all — so… 

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Not My Mom’s Acorn Squash

acorn squash

We had a huge garden in our backyard when I was growing up.  My parents had six kids to feed, so they grew as much of their own food as possible.  We had amazing fresh produce for a large part of the year in our house.  Mom was good at saving vegetables in cold storage… 

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Pork & Bread Dressing


Most people call it stuffing, I call it dressing.  At least that’s how I grew up.  With Thanksgiving Day right around the corner, I’ve heard a lot of people talking about this tasty side dish.  Do you stuff it in a turkey and bake it all together or do you put it in a baking… 

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Chili Cumin Roasted Sweet Potatoes

cumin sweet potatoes 5

So many dishes scream Thanksgiving…stuffing. Mashed potatoes.  Cranberry sauce.  And I love them. I love them all! But I eat them once a year (well, maybe more than that for the mash…).  Sweet potatoes (or yams) though? I eat them in some form at least weekly, year round. They’ve morphed into one of my go-to… 

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Spicy Asian Sesame Slaw

asian slaw

I know it’s getting cold and even snowy in many parts of the country, but here in the South it’s still warm enough to wear shorts and fire up the barbecue. Bagged coleslaw mix was on sale recently and I picked up a couple bags. I wanted to do something different (and healthier) than a… 

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Sesame Beets and Sweets

sesame sweets and beets

A recent trip to the farmer’s market yielded a bunch of beautiful little beets, already trimmed. OK, that’s half the battle. The messier half is peeling those little suckers. My kitchen looks like a slaughterhouse after I get done peeling a batch of beets but it’s totally worth it. I love the combination of beets… 

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Green Bean Stir Fry with Edamame

green bean stir fry

As a child green beans were very low on my list of “acceptable” green vegetables.  As an adult, I can’t get enough of them, especially the thin, tender hericot verts fresh from the summer garden. Edamame on the other hand is completely new to me.  I have had it as a hummus and simply as… 

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