Tropical Vacation Smoothie

tropical vacation smoothie

I know many of you are snowbound and could use a tropical vacation. How about one in a glass? Okay, not quite the same thing, but this tropical concoction will hold you over and lift your spirits! Make this fruity Tropical Vacation Smoothie, sit by the heater, close your eyes and pretend you’re sipping a pina… 

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Easy Creamsicle Smoothie

easy creamsicle smoothie

Happy New Year!  As the year dawns, I am as inspired as everyone else to continue on a smart, health-filled journey and make good food choices.  As I ponder what to make for a mid-morning snack, I am staring at my handsome cat lying on his bed next to my desk. I love his orange… 

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Cranberry Ginger Smoothie

cranberry ginger smoothie (2)

I have a freezer full of fruit, ready to go for smoothies. It’s the usual — blueberries, strawberries, acai pulp, mango — but there’s another fruit that lives year round in my freezer that I hadn’t yet used in a smoothie. And I was determined to use cranberries in a smoothie because I love them… 

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Pom Pom Pick-Me-Up Smoothie

pomegranate smoothie

After a really wonderful weekend of celebrating with friends and over indulging in rich foods and adult beverages, I realized that I needed to get back on track quickly.  One of my favorite ways to do that is with a tasty, fresh and revitalizing smoothie for lunch. Here is my version of a pomegranate and… 

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Super Easy Mango Smoothie

mango smoothie finished.jpg

We’re at the peak of mango season nationwide, and for those of us who live where mango trees grow everywhere, that means well-meaning grocery bags of mangoes from friends and family. Even though mango prep technology continues to evolve (this video has been making the rounds lately), us Floridians are pros at carving up the… 

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Nectarine Strawvacado Smoothie

nectarine strawvacado smoothie.jpg

  A few weeks back, I was fortunate enough to attend a healthy living blogging conference – FitBloggin – in Savannah. One of my favorite sessions was with California Avocados. Tons of great information and yummy ideas for non-traditional ways to use avocados. Such as in a smoothie. At first I was a little skeptical…. 

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Chocolatey Pumpkin Oatmeal Smoothie


  Pumpkin in April? Yes! Pumpkin is no longer relegated to fall fare. You heard it here first! Ok. Maybe not. But seriously you guys. Canned pumpkin is a healthy staple you should always have in your pantry. It is chock full of all kinds of good stuff, including Vitamin A and fiber. Not only… 

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Afternoon Boost Smoothie

afternoon boost smoothie

  Who here is an afternoon snacker? (raising both hands) Truth be told, I’m an anytime snacker, but around 3 pm seems to be my hunger witching hour. I feel run over by the day and usually turn to coffee and sugar. Not the healthiest choices. I start each day with a smoothie for breakfast,… 

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