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The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans brings you Shrinking Kitchen, a site dedicated to the one thing that will make or break a healthy lifestyle.


Love it, hate it (okay, who really hates it?), food is necessary. Food is fuel.

Personally, we LOVE food and firmly believe that healthful food can taste amazing. And let’s face it…sticking with a healthy lifestyle is pretty difficult if you’re eating rice cakes and celery all the time.  New flavors, new textures and new cooking techniques can go a long way in transforming a diet into a lifestyle.

We are dedicated to the marriage of healthful, easy and absolutely delicious. It’s possible. Promise. Even more, we are passionate about feeding ourselves and our families as nutritiously as possible, even on a budget.

Shrinking Kitchen is the place to find a quick meal for your family, baked goods that won’t settle firmly on your thighs, or a beautiful meal for entertaining. We are all untrained, home cooks, so we promise, if we can do it, YOU can too!

Check in often for new recipes, tips, tricks and all sorts of foodie fun!

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